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Colostrum - side effects?

Are there no side effects?

Today no negative side effects of colostrum are known. Positive side effects are the fortification of the immune system and general improvements to growth and wound healing. For example, they result in the growth factors obtained from the colostrum. Colostrum also contains natural ingredients with antibacterial effects like lactoferrin. 

Is it true that colostrum could contain antibiotics?

No. MERA obtains the colostrum used in production from Veracus GmbH in Bremerhaven. It is stipulated in the delivery contracts and in the quality assurance agreement that only "inhibitor-free" milk can be accepted or collected and this is both tested as well as inspected. Inhibitors include all materials which suppress the bacterial growth, i.e. also antibiotics.

Is it possible for dogs to be fed colostrum from the Pure line with an existing cow milk allergy?

Yes. The liquid colostrum we use is de-fatted by the manufacturer and the casein is also removed. Casein is the most important protein component of the milk and is contained in the milk of all mammals. Casein is that part of the protein which is processed into quark (cottage cheese) and then into cheese. The protein casein is by far the most frequent trigger of what is known as the cow milk allergy. As a result, the colostrum which is de-caseinated by us has an extremely low allergy potential and constitutes no restriction of our Pure concept .