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How important is colostrum?

Colostrum plays an important part in having a resistant immune system as a precaution and in situations when the defense apparatus is under special stress.

How is colostrum used in Mera products?

The collected and tested colostrum is first de-fatted, de-caseinated and is given a shelf life via the microfiltering process. In the later production process, the croquettes are covered with colostrum. The percentage of colostrum in the Mera products is 0.5 percent and constitutes one half of a preventative dosage.

How can the essential effectiveness of colostrum be derived?  

The essential effectiveness and function of colostrum is shown in that the calves which were given no colostrum are generally underdeveloped animals and often cannot survive. To prove the function and effectiveness of colostrum, there is a large number of lab studies on the individual materials contained in colostrum (such as immunoglobulins, growth factors, lysozyme or lactoferrin.
However, more impressive is the field studies in which colostrom or colostrum preparations were tested in their actual composition and dosage under defined conditions. The effects were studied using placebo-controlled double-blind studies according to Veracus GmbH, Bremerhaven. This means that neither the user nor the evaluator knows in which cases the colostrum product was used and in which a placebo was used. Such studies only exist in a few cases so far. In this regard, experts name what is known as the Italian study of Cesarone et al. from 2007.