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Colostrum - for humans?

Is colostrum also a topic for people?

Colostrum is actually also used as a nutritional supplement for people in products.

What is the subject matter of the Cesarone study of 2007?

In what is known as the Italian study by Cesarone et al., 209 people between 30-80 years  of age were tested in a study on the effectiveness of freezer-dried, de-fatted colostrum powder (IgG 20-35 %) in terms of the risk and the progression of a flu infection.
In the first part of the study, 144 participants were divided into four groups (I: vaccinated without colostrum, II: vaccinated plus a daily dose of 400 mg colostrum for 8 weeks; III: not vaccinated, without colostrum, with colostrum, IV: not vaccinated plus a daily dose of 400 mg colostrum for 8 weeks) for 12 weeks
It turned out that the risk of a flu infection in the groups who took colostrum was greater than in groups without colostrum. It was also determined that, in the event of an infection, the duration of the illness in the test subjects with colostrum was less than half as long.
In the second half of the study, test subjects with cardiovascular problems were studied in three groups according to the first part of the studies. Group III : not vaccinated, without colostrum with colostrum, was omitted for risk reasons. Also here the frequency of the disease and duration of the illness of the groups with colostrum was significantly less than in the group without colostrum.

Literature cited:  Cesarone, M.R. et al. (2007). Prevention of Influenza Episodes with Colostrums compared with vaccination in healthy and high-risk cardiovascular subjects: The epidemiologic study in San Valentino. - Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 13 (2): 130-136.