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Overweight dogs - when love goes to the stomach

Learn how to say no

A full bowl is always a highlight in a dog's life. And no dog will voluntarily refuse the many rewards that are polished off with a wagging tail, of course. Regardless of whether it is good for the dog or not. This is where you need to be sensible – even if you find it difficult. Learn to say no. This could be the biggest test of your love for your dog.

How to keep your dog fit

The majority of animal owners are not aware that their dog is overweight. We are talking about obesity if your four-legged friend deviates from the target weight for its breed by 10%. If the deviation is more than 20%, the animal can be regarded as severely obese. With all of the resulting health consequences for your animal. Here you will read what obesity means to your animal, the causes that it can have and how you can keep your dog fit without having to make sacrifices.