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Travelling with dogs

We've all experienced this at some point - you look forward to a much longed-for break for weeks, but it's often the case that you don't get what you expect...
The first problems arise during the choice of holiday apartment. Where shall we go? Because beloved Rover has to come too - and should enjoy it as much as being at home. Oops - that's the problem - like being at home! Oh well, we are on holiday, and it must be possible to make compromises... Don't you think?
We do. And Rover? Will he be happy to sleep in a dog trailer or in the car? Or will he be lucky and be able to stay in the apartment? It's just a pity that there's carpet everywhere, and that a few other dogs have already relieved themselves on the tiles, and Rover is of the opinion that he also has to make his mark for posterity...
Or is the securely fenced-in garden just a measly little hedge, with the result that Rover nips over to consort with the neighbour's dogs on a regular basis? Oh, and don't forget the bed for us, the owners. Of course we don't mind that all the other dogs have slept in it too - do we?
And then there's the dog beach. Just five minutes' walk from the accommodation. Yet there's suddenly a problem: where on earth has the sea disappeared to? Perhaps it would have been wise to check the accommodation's precise location on the map, and not trust the nice lady on the phone. Because, shocked, we suddenly have to admit that the dog beach is a fishing lake, where Rover is a pretty unwelcome visitor. The sea is two hours away.
All these are problems we didn't really anticipate. The voice on the end of the phone sounded so friendly! The way she enthused about how perfect the area was for both humans and animals! Just a few examples of the many mishaps which may afflict us.
It is thus far better to plan your trip conscientiously and inform yourselves in detail before embarking on any journey. This spares your nerves and guarantees a wonderful holiday for owners and animals.
And, to counteract all these negative experiences, you'll find a selection of tips for holidaying with your dog on the following pages.