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Recreative beach holiday

There's nothing more pleasant for dogs and their owners than to caper around on the beach and let off steam!

However, it's important to take note of a few details in advance so that nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment, and you can spend happy, carefree hours with your four-legged friend.

Beach holiday.

You should choose a more remote region before travelling in order to ensure that you and your dog can really enjoy the pleasures of a break by the sea. Inform yourself about nearby dog beaches. Remember that dogs are often not allowed on the beach between the end of March and the end of September. You can walk for hours together on the beach before and after these dates.

Furry friends.

Accept the fact that your dog is bound to want to greet its fellow canines. However, you should keep your dog close to you or on the lead if other dogs are on the lead too, or their owners appear nervous. Remember that not everyone's dog can behave in public.

Poop bags.

Always remember to take enough poop bags with you for your dog. Because no one wants to see what your dog leaves behind - wherever it chooses to relieve itself.


Take colourful toys with you. If your dog tries to redesign the dunes, they will be gone for good. If your dog likes swimming, it's worth taking floatable toys with you. You can also stow quite a few things in "dog rucksacks" - of which many are available in specialist stores. If you familiarise your dog with this equipment, it will discover enough new things for itself.