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Levt overs

Watch out - dogs aren't waste disposal units

Left-overs from the family meal aren't necessarily good for your dog. The fact that humans find certain foods tasty certainly doesn't mean that these are suitable or healthy for dogs. And left-overs are usually very calorific and lack nutritional balance. A primte example: the fatty edges from leftover meat. Feeding dogs like this on a regular basis makes them overweight. Many dog owners don't like hearing this, but it's the truth.
Those who are unable to resist their dog's begging eyes should reduce the daily dog food rations so that their pet does not put on weight.

Balance is important.

In general, left-overs and other treats should not constitute more than between 5 and 10 per cent of a dog's daily rations, to ensure that the balance of energy and nutrients contained in normal pet food is not disrupted. Left-overs from our meals are usually demineralised apart from salt. In the case of animals with a high mineral requirement, growing dogs, for example, this leads to a dilution of the nutrients, with the result that sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals are not absorbed.

And you won't be doing your pooch any favours by feeding it spicy, hot left-overs, either - dogs cannot digest this type of food.

And watch out for chicken or fish bones! These can injure the digestive tract and result in constipation which, in the worst cases, can lead to fecal impaction (coprostasis). And however much your four-legged friend loves his food - if you love your dog, you should keep a very close eye on what it eats. This is how you can protect your dog's health.