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Here, the possiblilities are virtually limitless. Do you love the mountains and forests and are very close to nature? Great, as your dog does too. Rover will enjoy every minute with you and will always remain a faithful companion. Some suggestions for your hiking / activity holiday follow below.
If you wish to go hiking with your dog, then you should adjust the route to your dog's ability and plan it accordingly.

For example, if you like hiking in the mountains or on paths which are difficult to access, then protect your dog's paws with dog shoes. They may look amusing, but will protect your dog from many injuries and guarantee a pleasant hike. Sufficient water and breaks are essential - particularly on walking tours.

Use the right kind of lead on your dog, so that you can move freely. Specialist retailers offer a range of possibilities here. "Dog rucksacks" are particularly useful during outdoor tours and hikes. Don't overfill these, and ensure that the product is made of good quality material so that your dog does not overheat and can move freely. Familiarise your dog with the rucksack, and remove it from your pet during breaks so that it can relax.

Take some lightweight toys with you so that your dog can indulge its play instinct.