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High Premium Care Puppy - Feeding young dogs the right way

Only the best dog food for healthy growth

with puppy milk, junior 1 and junior 2, Meradog offers an integrated concept for feeding puppies in a healthy way. Puppy milk is a high-quality and easily digestible supplemental food. Its recipe contains colostrum, natural immune protection.

With the 2-phase concept:     

With junior 1, the Meradog 2-phase concept provides all dogs in the first months of life with a very high protein content which promotes the development of the organs, muscles, tendons and joints.

From the 6th months on,  junior 2 provides a reduction in this protein content for large breeds because large breeds grow considerably slower and, more importantly, longer, starting at this age.

Meradog provides your dog with the exceptional MERA quality:

in every phase of its life We use only the raw materials from healthy animals whose meat is intended for human consumption - monitored and confirmed by official veterinarians.