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Cat food from Mera

Healthy food that cats love.

We have been the owner-operated specialist for high-quality pet food for over 60 years. The Mera Cat and True Love for Cats brands are produced in our Kevelaer factory in the beautiful Lower Rhine area. Under ultra-modern conditions, with constant quality control and certified in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

Mera Cat is the classic product line from Mera pet food.

Mera Cat is an easily digestible, complete food for balanced and healthy nutrition for your cat, manufactured using extremely high-quality raw materials. Mera Cat contains the ideal quantity and composition of everything that your cat needs in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Wahre Liebe is the highest premium quality from Mera pet food.

Do everything you can to look after the health of your cat and its affection for you - give it True Love. This is excellent cat food with which you can spoil your beloved pet. As a German manufacturer we put our faith in a comprehensible concept, German packaging text and avoid superfluous and confusing information. So that you always know and understand what your cat food contains: only goodness - True Love

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