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Pure Fein gemacht - Soft Snacks

The juicy soft snack - completely grain-free.

Reward your dog with pure and grain-free treat when something has been WELL DONE. This series consists of a special product range for food-sensitive dogs with special food taste and tolerance requirements. The natural recipe combines a minimum of 50% lamb, salmon or turkey as the only meat source with gluten-free tapioca root, and minimises potential allergies that may be present. The "pure Well Done Soft Snacks" are the ideal supplement to "Meradog pure High Premium Complete Food" for sensitive dogs - from puppies up to seniors.

Pure meaty pleasure - 100% grain-free:

Do you want to reward your dog with something completely grain-free? Then Meradog provides the ideal solution with the "pure Well Done Soft Snack". The semi-moist snack is characterised by its high level of acceptance and digestibility - even with fussy dogs. The soft consistency of the snack makes it easy to chew and digest. This is particularly advantageous during activities with your dog. The special composition constitutes an exceptional type of reward.